Rockland Sample

Study Description

The enhanced Nathan Kline Institute-Rockland Sample (NKI-RS) is an ongoing, institutionally centered endeavor aimed at creating a large-scale (N > 1000) community sample of participants across the lifespan. Measures include a wide array of physiological and psychological assessments, genetic information, and advanced neuroimaging. Anonymized data will be publicly shared openly and prospectively (i.e., on a quarterly basis). The National Institute of Mental Health strategic plan for advancing psychiatric neuroscience calls for increased discovery science initiatives in an effort to delineate developmental trajectories for risk and resilience across the lifespan. Such initiatives require large, openly accessible datasets that contain sufficient detail to enable the generation and testing of multiple hypotheses. The NKI-RS is intended to help meet this need.

Click here for more details regarding data access. You will need a Data Usage Agreement (DUA) before being granted access to the phenotypical data. After requesting a DUA, you may request an account (put link) on Loris to access the phenotypical data. Instructions for accessing imaging data can be seen here ( More details on the Rockland Sample can be seen here (

Instructions for using LORIS can be seen here (

We do request that any usage of Rockland Sample data is recognized through appropriate citation: Nooner et al, (2012). The NKI-Rockland Sample: A model for accelerating the pace of discovery science in psychiatry. Frontiers in neuroscience 6, 152.

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